What can I do if the water is not clear or has particulates in it?



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    Gareth Thomas

    If your water is iced tea color, take your tee shirt off, grab some charcoal from a fire pit, wash off the ashes,  crush it up fine and pack it in a ball surrounded by the tee shirt (you can use a clean sock as well, avoid the stinky ones) and let it soak in the water like your making sun tea, or you can just dump it into the water and use your tee shirt folded in layers to filter it out later about a good hour or two later and then use your steripen, twice or three or even four times if you like, the charcoal will help absorb the tannin in the water which is most likely making it brown and make it taste better (less bitter) and the steripen will kill the other things living in the water...

    But you might be better off finding a cleaner source of water, even if it's digging a small hole beside the water source deeper then the water source, and let it stand for a while to allow it to fill and the sediment to settle, and allowing the sand to filter it, but when your stranded and there is nothing else to drink I guess you do what you have to do, and if your dealing with situations like this you should learn how to deal with them before hand, and practice , and practice some more, learn to make simple clay fired filters with natural resources or a tiered gravel, sand, charcoal filter or solar distiller.

    But most important, learn how to avoid problems beforehand, while technology is great, in problematic areas it might not be able to solve all to the problems...    

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